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  • You can submit Galleries, FreeSites, AVS (AEN), Paysites, TGPs, MGPs, as long as you include the minimum of 3 recips including mine, more is better
  • My recip must be on the same page you are submitting
  • No JavaScript, No counters, No Mouseovers, No consoles, no new windows, no pages that make sound
  • No frames/iframes and all content must be on the same domain
  • No bestiality, child porn, forced sex, or anything illegal
  • I do not accept pages that advertise "Lolitas" or underage models. Your models should look of age
  • Maximum two sites per day
  • Pics no smaller then 800 on the long side for Galleries and FreeSites
  • Thumbs must be linked to large pic on the Galleries and FreeSites
  • 10 pics minimum - 20 pics maximum for Galleries
  • 20 pics minimum - 40 pics maximum for FreeSites
  • 2 movies minimum - 20 movies maximum - FLV movies are acceptable (don't use JavaScript to embed it) - for Galleries and FreeSites
  • I only accpet sites with SHEMALES
  • If a shemale model is not yet listed and you want your site to listed under that Model: click on the Suggest Model Link and submit your gallery to the LETTER that this model's name begins with - K for Kalena Rios or C for Carla Novaes (I'm sure you got the idea)
This is how my recip looks like:
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